Our Easy Rider 11.6 and Karma 10.6 soft-top SUPs are constructed using our unique Soft-Tech Moulded PC construction. Starting with an EPS foam core, the boards are then laminated in fibreglass using high quality epoxy resins. The lamination process is done in a mould, and our use of a thin, light weight layer of PC Plastic (polycarbonate) over layers of fibreglass and bamboo veneer, which provides the best combination of durability and weight in the industry. PC is an extremely strong plastic which has been used for years in automotive parts production, in the construction of safety eyewear and also in bullet resistant glass! All layers are applied to the EPS foam core and then vacuum bagged in a mould to ensure proper bonding of the layers of construction. Our rails are reinforced with an extra layer of fibreglass and Kevlar. A layer of thin foam is applied to the deck after removing the partially finished board from the mould, and our rails and nose bumpers are applied to provided extra protection where it is needed most. All this results in an extremely durable board at a weight of under 30 lbs/13.6kg in our 11’6” model.

Board Features:

  • Foam top for durability and safety
  • Built in carrying handle in the deck
  • Automatic Gore Air Valve
  • Built in leash plugs (front and rear for rafting)
  • Multiple tie down points for bungee cord
  • GoPro camera attachments (optional)
  • Fin box
  • EVA deck pad

Boards that use Soft-Tech Construction